Deep Cleaning

Our deep clean is recommended for the first visit as we prepare your home for easier cleanings in the future. Afterwards, our standard service will be more than enough to keep your house in top shape.  
A deep clean includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time. This in depth cleaning will get your home 'super' clean, perfect for making your home clean, sanitized and sparkling like brand new.
 N ot included in this service. 
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Cleaning interior walls
  • Deep cleaning inside cabinets and drawers
  • Deep cleaning inside the fridge
  • Deep cleaning inside the oven
Please note that we charge extra for this service, and you will find that an additional cost for deep cleaning is standard across the industry.
We offer affordable prices for these services so anyone can request them.
This service does not include:
  •  Exterior windows
  •  Carpet cleaning
  •  Animal waste
  •  Mold removal
  •  Rust removal / Rust cleaning
  •  Industrial cleaning
  •  Lifting of heavy items
  •  Surfaces above arms reach
  •  High ceiling fans